The T.R.M.R. E1 X4-S NOW CAN BE COMPLETELY DISASSEMBLED! Thid Devise is an ergonomically designed re-loadable device which offers operators the realistic SOUND AND FLASH of a grenade without pyrotechnics. The T.R.M.R. Device utilizes a twist to arm inertia recoil firing system. This allows for safe, fast, re-loadable operation without the need of the standard pin and spoon mechanisms. The T.R.M.R. produces up to 135 decibels. The custom tuned ports ensure the device produces the highest soundwave amplification. Built out of only the best materials these devices can be used forever with only basic maintenance. AUTHENTIC CONCEPT TACTICAL T.R.M.R. E1 X4-S Series Utilizes the new X4-S base which includes the adapter to allow up to 4 different calibres to be used. The 8mm, .38 / 9mm, 209, 12 gauge / MAG-FLASH. This adapter allows the user to be able to choose the preferred blank dependent on the delivery system that is required for that purpose. Shotgun Primers an 9mm  to safely produce high decibel sound wave and flash or a 12 gauge blank for higher decibel output. The E1 X4-S base is inexpensive and performance is identical to other BFG variants.Strong Stainless Steel & Aircraft Grade Aluminum MIL-SPEC Anodized 360 degree impact detonated I.R.F.S. Inertia Recoil Firing Pin SystemT.T.A.S. Twist To Arm Safety

T.R.M.R. X4-S Training Flash Bang (Silver)

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