What is XSlick? A proprietary coating yielding a longer BCG life cycle, an ease of cleaning, less friction, less perceived recoil, impervious to chemical cleaners, NEVER cracks or chips and at a economical price point.

PAMAX XSlick USA Full Cut BCG vs. Nickel Boron (NiB) & NP3


***Nickel Boron (NiB) & NP3 are nickel platings. A major negative side to these applications is that chipping and cracking will occur during the lifetime of its use. Cracking and chipping has been found to occur even with brand new Nickel Boron (NiB) BCGs that have been dry fired only a few times.


***XSlick coating is applied to raw, blasted metal. It adheres  to the surface filling all uneven areas, even on a microscopic level. Xslick is guaranteed to never crack or chip.


***Nickel Boron (NiB) is advertised as a "self-lubricating" BCG. This is a sales gimmic and utterly false. (NiB) molecular structure has numerous high points similar to points on a comb. These high points provide a coefficient of friction of roughly .10 however after roughly (1000) cycles the "self lubricating" high points wear down and the coefficient of friction increases to a .20+


***Nickel Teflon or NP3 bolt carriers usually has a fluctuating coefficient of friction between .08 & .10 This is because the slick teflon molecules look like small bubbles frozen in place and the number of teflon molecules exposed fluctuates as the coating wears. However NP3 Bolt Carriers are expensive and still crack and chip.


***XSlick coating is a static .10 coefficient of friction throughout it's complete life cycle. Our XSlick coated BCG are yielding cyclic life of up to +6500rds. They NEVER crack or chip and are competitively priced.


*** All bolt carriers require oil to function at best results. However Xslick requires fair less lubricant then NiB and NP3 BCG's making them ideal to run with suppressed systems.


***XSlick can withstand up to 1200 degrees of heat without failure.


***Nickel Boron lasted 48 hours in a corrosion test. NP3 lasted only 96 hours in the corrosion test.


***XSlick lasted over 200 hours in the corrosion test!


***XSlick BCG cant be re-coated. If you manage to shoot 6500 rounds through your XSlick coated BCG PAMAX Tactical will have their Full Cut M16 Bolt Carrier Group coated again for a service charge of only $25. Other NiB and NP3 carriers are a one time application!


***XSlick can be applied in various color types with no loss in performance.


Friction coefficient Chart: (dry against steel) 

High Phos Electroless Nickel = .38
Hard Chrome = .21 
Nickel Boron (NiB) = .10 ^ .20 Increase
Nickel Teflon (NP3) = .08 - .10 Fluctuating
XSlick Coating = .10 Static

Pros vs. Cons




*Will NEVER Crack or chip.

*Impervious to chemical cleaners 

* Coefficient of friction higher then NiB and equal to NP3.

* Inexpensive re-coat to save your BCG

*Rated for temperatures excess of 1200 degrees.

* x4 more resistant to corrosion then NiB & x2 more then NP3.

*Life cycle of +6500rds.




*Coating that will crack and chip during life cycle.

*Can be damaged by Chemical Cleaners

*NiB has a higher coefficient of friction

*NiB & NP3 cannot be re-coated at an affordable price.

*Lower performance temperatures

* Low resistance to corrosion.

*Cyclic Life cycle less then 6500rds.


XSlick is applied exclusively to PAMAX Tactical Full Cut M16 Bolt Carrier Groups.

Each of our Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier Group Assemblies is made in the U.S.A. and feature full-auto capability, a shot peened MPI Bolt, 8620 Gas Carrier and Gas Key fastened with hardened Grade 8 fasteners. The ultra-hard and corrosion-resistant Black Nitride ensures this BCG's continued reliability and precision.


    Nitride Finished 9310 Steel
    MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected) Bolt
    Ground per True Mil Spec Specs (Not weened)
    8620 Carrier (M16 full shroud) Heat Treated
    Case Hardened Steel
    Ground after Heat treat to MIl Spec
    Gas Key Hardened to USGI Specifications
    17-4 H900 Stainless steel Firing pin
    Grade 8 Hardened Fasteners
    Gas Key Staked Per Mil-Spec
    Tool Steel Extractor
    Weight: 11.456 oz

PAMAX XSlick Midnight Bolt Carrier Group

$124.95 Regular Price
$99.95Sale Price