HADES Hybrid Muzzle Device by PAMAX Tactical provides superior performance for your Rifle Platform. Our patent pending HADES was designed and manufactured in the USA utilizing local 416 Grade Stainless Steel featuring a Military Grade III Black Oxide Finish.
HADES was born for use with law enforcement to reduce felt recoil while eliminating muzzle rise and all muzzle sway. We decided after much success in larger calibers to manufacture a device exclusive to the AK Platform. The HADES is a true hybrid device and yields superior performance at an affordable price point. HADES is machined with one of the most aggressive pitches on the market. Our unique angled design forces gas pressure to keep the muzzle forward while cutting gasses past the shooters shoulders. This effectively maximizes down force to eliminate felt recoil and muzzle sway while protecting the shooter from any gas blowback. Enhanced inner through diameter of .425" and a larger interior expansion chamber for muzzle flash reduction. HADES vents excess gases through precision cut vertical and offset channels tuned to minimize muzzle flash when shooting 7.62x39 rounds through a 16" or longer rifle barrel. HADES offers significant increase in accuracy/grouping compared to generic AK platform devices.

HADES is the device that finally pairs the robust AK platform with sustainable, accurate, and tactically sound results.
The benefits of HADES compensation increases under sustained rates of fire including rapid semi-auto, burst and full auto firing modes. Threaded for 14mx1.0LH and designed for 7.62x39 ammunition. Proudly made in the USA. 
Recommended Calibers:

HADES Hybrid AK Platform Muzzle Device

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