Complete AR15/M16 BCG band-aid repair kit designed for field use. Every component is made 100% in the USA from materials that are beyond milspec. Each component is sealed in an individually sealed pocket to prevent loss of parts during field repair. Water resistant poly packaged to protect your spare parts from the elements. Easily fold or roll the repair kit to fit in your gearbag, pouch, vehicle, rangebag ect.


Each kit includes the following:

x3 AR15/M16 Gas Rings / Stainless Steel

x1 AR15/M16 Firing Pin / Precision machined from 17-4 H900 stainless steel

x1 AR15/M16 Firing Pin Retainer Pin

x1 AR15/M16 Cam Pin / Nitride Finish

x1 AR15/M16 Ejector / Nitride Finish

x1 AR15/M16 Ejector Roll Pin

x1 AR15/M16 Extractor / 4140 MIM Tool Steel, Heat treated, Shot peened, Phosphate coated.

x1 AR15/M16 Extractor O-Ring

x1 AR15/M16 Extractor Spring

x1 AR15/M16 Extractor Spring Insert

x1 AR15/M16 Extractor Retainer Pin


BCG Band-Aid Field Kit

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$34.95Sale Price