You asked, we listened. Introducing the Modern Rifle Optic Component (MROC) 3x32 with an Illuminated Chevron BDC, calibrated for 5.56 ammunition. The ATIBAL 3x32 MROC is a rugged light weight sight that offers an illuminated laser-etched reticle at a fixed 3x magnification with a bullet drop compensation (BDC) chevron. It boasts a 37.7 foot field of view at 100 yards, which is the largest field of view of any 3x prismatic scope currently on the market. This expanded field of view could be the difference between seeing a threat or not.MROC's fully multicoated (FMC) lens reduces glare, reflection, and enhances image quality ensuring a crisp and clear view every time.Forget your tools when zeroing the MROC. The windage and elevation adjustments are hand adjustable allowing for quick and accurate adjustments. Leashed windage, elevation, and battery caps allow you to proceed without losing a cap on the go.  An integrated detachable picatinny rail provides industry-standard mounting options for a wide variety of applications. REVIEW VIDEOS gimmicky names or slogans to make our Lifetime Warranty sound better than what it is.  At Atibal we call our Lifetime Warranty a Lifetime Warranty.  If your Atibal product becomes defective, broken, or is no longer working we will get it repaired or replaced. It's that simple. If you need to inquire about our warranty or would like to replace or return an ATIBAL product, email us at and request a Return Authorization Request Form. Completed form must be included with return to ensure proper handling and processing.PLEASE NOTE THAT ATIBAL'S LIFETIME WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY TO THERMAL IMAGING DEVICES. THERMAL IMAGING DEVICES FROM ATIBAL FEATURE A LIMITED WARRANTY. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ATIBAL'S THERMAL DEVICE WARRANTY PLEASE CONTACT ATIBAL DIRECTLY

Atibal Modern Rifle Optic Component (MROC) 3x32 Il