PAMAX Crusader Brake "Vindicta et Gloria"

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Introducing the newest product from PAMAX Tactical: The CRUSADER Muzzle Device.

The CRUSADER is the newest entry level muzzle break from PAMAX. This brake features gross improvements in the area of felt recoil by the shooter, as well as muzzle rise, allowing faster target re-acquisition by the shooter.

I worked closely with PAMAX Tactical during the product testing phase. I was informed that the CRUSADER was designed to be an inexpensive device while still boasting a medium level of performance and maintaining the quality of USA manufacturing that PAMAX represents. During the testing phase I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient this device was. It measures less then two inches in length and weighs only 2.7 oz. Despite these factors the device managed recoil and rise substantially better then other company models I have shot at the same price point.

Perhaps the most standout feature of this break aside from it’s aggressive look and the optional stand-out feature of a trademark red crusader, is its significant reduction in felt recoil by partners in a stack or close side-by-side formation. This keeps your unit functioning at the highest level, with reduced disruption of your partner’s sight picture and alignment when operating in close proximity. Muzzle sway was also found to be reduced but was still noticeable. However, despite that factor you cannot beat the level of performance and aesthetics achieved at a starting price point of only $24.95.

PAMAX Tactical also made a total of (4) models for this design. The CRUSADER is available for purchase online at and comes in Stainless Steel, Black Oxide, "Gloria"/Glory, and "Vindicta"/Vengeance. The Glory and Vengeance models are the same CRUSADER Brake but feature a blood red cross associated with a Crusader Knight. As seen below the "Gloria" model compliments PAMAX Metallic Red Bolt Carrier Group Nicely. All devices will be available in a 1/2x28 thread pitch with a max bore of .460 and a 5/8x24 thread pitch with a max bore of .460.

This product from PAMAX Tactical is a must-have at a more then reasonable price while offering excellent aesthetics.

Pick up the newest muzzle device from PAMAX Tactical, and begin your crusade into the newest era of PAMAX Tactical rifle components. Only @